Our dedicated team will help you elevate your brand image and acquire new partners through LinkedIn campaigns.

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What is LinkedIn and why is it important?

The social media platform LinkedIn connects its millions of users to businesses through paid advertisements. Known for its career-focused content and professionalism, LinkedIn is a great platform for reaching B2B audiences through corporate communication. Targeted campaigns can build a tailored brand image for your audience of new potential clients or business partners. A strong foundation of audience data can guide you where, when, and how to place ads with premium returns.  With Sleed, we can convert advertisements into revenue.

Why Sleed

We use effectively all types of campaigns on Linkedin, both for awareness goals and for goals such as Traffic, Conversion & Lead Generation

Our team has experience in using the particular ad types and targeting options of the channel based on profession, industry, company as well as all other available options

Our team has years of digital media success with top high-spending performance accounts.

We consider digital media as a core service with a department of more than 50 analysts.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical LinkedIn Approach

LinkedIn campaigns may have minimum budget thresholds.

LinkedIn campaigns may prioritize specific accounts or companies.

LinkedIn services may not include daily evaluation and actionable recommendations.

Sleed’s Approach

We work within your objectives and budget. We monitor the releases of new technology and your ad’s revenue performance so that you can continue growing a profitable business.

We conduct rigorous research and A/B testing so that you can tailor advertisements to multiple specific audiences based on company backgrounds or past engagement with your brand. Layers of data can ensure that your advertisements build a reputable brand.

Sleed monitors performance daily. Sleed also aids in the management of the whole process, recommending which campaign and budget adjustments are best for your long-term performance.