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What is the Brand Strategy service and why is it important?

The goal of a Brand Strategy is to assess and shape your audience’s perception towards your brand, so that you can ultimately influence it and reach specific marketing and business goals. We achieve that, by shaping your brand’s positioning and unique identity, accordingly. Developing a communication strategy requires internal evaluation and external research in order to clearly create a specific tone and content. This consistency can help build trust and differentiate you from competitors. With Sleed, you can create a strong branding that can guide your digital media plans and grow your customer loyalty.


The process of building your Brand’s Strategy begins with a 360 examination of your brand, where we analyze it in its communicational components (customer and employee touchpoints, channels, visual brand elements, social content etc.), resulting in a “diagnosis”. Then we design a custom framework that consists of practical exercises and models, on which we are going to work together. For that part, we conduct (up to) 2 Workshop sessions with the attendance of the brand’s stakeholders and our team. The Workshops’ findings set the ground for action, enabling us to construct a tangible plan that meets the business objectives, but also brings your brand to its “next day”.

Why Sleed

Our service lines have been awarded 220+ times in the last 12 years.

Our solutions range across a number of various sectors and B2C and B2B formats.


Our team has had many clients with the creation or repositioning of their brands.


Our team adjusts to each client’s needs and purpose.


Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Brand Strategy Approach

The Brand Strategy service may be considered as a part of the Brand Identity service.

The Brand Strategy may be considered as a part of Media Planning.

The Brand Strategy service may not include creative or content proposals.

The Brand Strategy is a “once off” service that helps to initiate action.

Sleed’s Approach

We dive deeper. By examining your brand holistically, it enables us to shape the way it interacts with its audience, hence introducing it to the world with an actionable plan.

We distinguish between these services. Brand Strategy focuses on deeper insights, as it examines the customers’ behavioral patterns that drive purchasing decisions. That way it foresees and suggests actions, beyond the annual planning.

We offer you various proposals for marketing actions. That way, you can gain visibility on your brand’s future image regarding its implemented actions.

We compose our deliverable in a way that offers a solid documentation of what has been decided during the Workshop sessions, so that it captures your brand’s true essence. That way, you can always reflect on it, to make sure that you embark on decisions that are aligned with your brand’s vision and values.