Google Ads

Together we will develop your Google Ads strategy based on your goals and following the best practices and latest trends.

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Why should I advertise my business on Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the biggest advertising networks in the world. Businesses can be advertised on the Google search network & search partners, on Google Shopping, Google Display network & display partners, as well as on YouTube.

Google Ads is a constantly innovative advertising platform. New technologies, features, campaigns and ad types are released every year, aiming at the best exploitation of machine learning algorithms and better results for businesses. The solutions the platform offers cover all the stages of the purchasing funnel, from Awareness and Consideration to Conversions. Thus, every business, with the appropriate expert guidance, can effectively advertise its products and services and achieve its goals.

Why Sleed

75+ Google Ads experts available to guide you step by step on building your Google ads strategy, based on your business goals.

As Google Premier Partners, we get continuous training and priority updates on new features, campaigns and best practices.

Campaign management and optimization according to best practices and effective techniques for maximum results and constant growth.

23+ Peak Performance Marketing Awards, powered by Google.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Google Ads Approach

Same strategy for all businesses

Focusing on search for maximum return

If something works, then we keep it as is

Sleed’s Approach

Our Google Ads strategy is tailored to every business’s needs and goals. Our expert teams conduct thorough research on the business’s industry, competition and target audience. As a result, they come up with the appropriate combination of campaign types, bidding strategies, keywords, audiences and advertising messages, in order to achieve the client’s goals.

We follow a full-funnel approach in our Google ads accounts with a combination of different campaign objectives, audiences and advertising messages, that allows us to constantly feed all stages of the purchasing funnel.

We often run various tests and experiments in order to find ways to improve our campaign’s results and help our clients grow.