Requirement Analysis

Our team will help you plan your firm’s complex e-commerce needs.

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What is a Requirement Analysis and why is it important?

For complex websites, a requirement analysis is the first step for building a successful e-commerce store by conducting interviews, focus groups, test cases, and prototypes. After identifying key stakeholders and end-users, the requirements analysis categorizes variables to better define expectations and clarify key elements. This rigorous process outlines the rest of the eshop design and maintenance process. Understanding the workflow can make sure that potential gaps and conflicts are mitigated. With Sleed, you can determine what your ecommerce platform needs and scale your business.

Why Sleed

Our service lines have been awarded 220+ times in the last 12 years.


Our solutions range across a number of various sectors and business fields with leading Greek ecommerce companies.

Our e-commerce development team has 30+ people with years of experience.

Our team adjusts to the client’s needs and purpose.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Requirement Analysis Approach

The Requirement Analysis team may not regularly run test cases.

The requirement analysis may not include senior leadership.

Sleed’s Approach

Thanks to our prototypes, we repeatedly walk through the ecommerce website through the eyes of the end-user to address feasibility issues. This way, we can identify conflicts ahead of time and further improve the client experience.

Our Project Manager leads the Eshop Development team through the rigorous analysis so that our team drafts a very detailed, tailored proposal. Our experienced team can help match your needs to the right website.