Social Media Ads

Our certified team utilizes high-end social media advertising practices to help you leverage the best performance and branding results.

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What is Social Media Advertising and Why is it important?

Social Media Advertising describes the strategic placement of ads on social media platforms and it is one of the most powerful digital marketing practices. The most common and the best performing Social Media Ads are those served on Facebook placements including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Facebook Ads are equally effective for multiple business objectives by giving you the ability to reach your exact audience and target specific demographics, interests, behaviours.

Why Sleed

Planning: We use our vast experience to create tailor made media plans for our clients describing every aspect of our social media strategy to reach the projected outcome.

Executing: Our team has successfully managed hundreds of clients from different industries and with individual goals. We apply a blend of best practices on every stage of campaign setup and optimization to maximize your return.

Reporting: Sleed uses a variety of high-end analytics tools and data studio dashboards to automatically report the ongoing performance of your campaigns. 

Certification: Our agency is an official Facebook Marketing Partner and that gives us access to advanced support, tools and agency-specific resources to help us accelerate client success across Facebook platforms

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical SM Advertising Approach

Typically focused on a single objective.

Similar set up for common cases and projects.

Degraded as an extra step of Social Media Management.

Sleed’s Approach

Social Media is a full-funnel channel and that is how our team approaches it.

We create a tailor-made social media advertising plan for every client and we dynamically adjust it according to goals, seasonalities, product stock, industry trends etc.

We manage Social Media Advertising as a complex service which requires adequate marketing, technical and business knowledge.