B2C & B2B Eshop Development

Our team will help you plan, develop, and monitor your firm’s website.

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What is an Eshop and why is it important?

An eshop is a firm’s online store and a secure channel to sell products and services. B2C and B2B shops range in complexity, depending on inventory size, specific customer logins, and marketing strategies. Most customers expect eshops to have cohesive and responsive designs, advanced search options, lightning site speed, and secure payment processing. With Sleed, you can determine what your ecommerce platform needs and then scale your business.

Why Sleed

Our service lines have been awarded 220+ times in the last 12 years.

Our solutions range across a number of various sectors and business fields with leading Greek ecommerce companies.

Our e-commerce team has 30+ people with years of experience.

Our team adjusts to the client’s needs and purpose.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Eshop Development Approach

The Eshop Development team may offer a wide array of options without much differentiation between the formats.

The website may not integrate the firm’s full digital marketing.

The eshop service may not include testing and tracking.

Sleed’s Approach

Our team drafts a customizable proposal, guiding you what is best for your target customers, resources, requirements, and goals. Our experienced team can help match your needs to the right website that can capture your audience’s attention.

Your eshop can integrate your brand’s digital portfolio, with SEO capabilities, ads, social media sharing options, and internal communities and forums. This can ensure that your website generates leads in the long-term.

We regularly test your scalability needs, such as a clear product and customer management system, security, and advanced user experience. This testing can give us better information on traffic sources, conversion rates, order volume, and other key metrics to continuously improve your revenue performance.