5 Basic Digital Marketing Practices to Avoid Failure in Fashion eCommerce

Being successful in the field of Fashion eCommerce is the result of many factors and actions. Some of them are unfortunately not in your hands to affect, such as competitors or demand on a particular market, and some others are in your hand to induce them, such as some basic practices in your digital marketing strategy.

By executing these basic practices not only you will improve your brand’s digital presence and revenues but also succeed at increasing brand consideration and trustworthiness. These practices are easily trackable so that you can get immediate feedback and determine if your actions are working.

So, let’s dive in and see 5 basic digital marketing ideas and examples that will empower your fashion brand


1) Remarketing with Facebook Ads to Increase Sales and Conversion Rates


Most consumers are not ready to purchase immediately when they see an ad or a product on your website, even if they have the intention to buy it in the immediate future. With simple remarketing techniques, you are able to reach the same users that were thinking about purchasing your product, with ads that remind them what they saw on your website.

Combinations of remarketing techniques are inexhaustible. You can remarket visitors to your website by creating custom audiences with Facebook Ads – like users who visited a specific brand’s category page), or target Lookalike Audiences, such as users who have many similarities or same interests to those who have already purchased from your website.

If they don’t buy any product, you can offer them a slight discount coupon in the ad to get them to act. Remarketing on users who have abandoned their shopping cart is also an awesome way to generate sales that otherwise would have been lost!


2) May the Force of Instagram Giveaways Be With You


Did you know that running a giveaway on Instagram is a fantastic way to increase both brand consideration and the size of your community?

If you have a hot top-selling product in your online store, you have to think of running a giveaway strictly on your Instagram channel. For the giveaway ask your Instagram followers to comment on why they want to win the product in the photo or video and then tag two or three of their friends that would want to win the gift as well. These friends will tag another two or three friends, achieving the virality of your giveaway contest.

Just make sure you use beneficial and/or popular hashtags for your Instagram contest. You may consider creating a special hashtag just for the giveaway product that may include your brand’s name.

This practice leads us straight to the next best practice: working with influencers.


3) Gain Social Proof, Receive Unique Content, and Access a New Audience by Working With Influencers


Social influencer marketing has become a quite popular strategy used by many fashion brands today. Simply put, it is a special tactic of leveraging the followers of a micro or famous influencer to sell your products.

It is clear that the followers of an influencer willingly chose to follow them, so they are interested in viewing their content. Hence, the content being made or uploaded by a social influencer does not seem spammy or hard-sell to their followers. So, you can work with them to create awesome content around a specific product or collection, like images, videos or even a vlog series. Their influence and creativity will enhance your product sell out.

Working with social influencers gives you two important things: you get in front of a new, high-quality audience, and if you select the appropriate influencer you will gain new customers that may end up as your future loyal fans.


4) Run Promotional Campaigns on Sale Periods to Increase Sales and Capture the Attention of Engaged Shoppers


Yes, there are times of the year where you can provide different incentives to potential buyers.

If it is Christmas, New Year’s Eve or a special day, you can email those on your subscribers lists with a promotional coupon or even a discount announcement. For example, you could promote 6 or 7 days of giving and offer a discount each day on a different brand or product. Give your customers a reason to share their email discounts with their friends.

You can try having engaging creatives on your website on those special discount days, like cool call-to-action buttons, attractive discount banners or even some humorous elements like moving holy reigns showing the discounted products.

Use your imagination and engage with your website visitors!


5) Invite your Email Subscribers to Follow you on Facebook or Instagram


If you want to increase your social followers, you can send new email subscribers a thank-you mail for subscribing and direct them to follow you on Facebook or Instagram for style inspiration and tips.

Encourage your potential visitors to not only follow you on your social properties but to share photos of themselves with your brand’s products, using a special hashtag you provide. This way, you will gain access to user-generated content that you can later reshare and create brand loyalty, bringing a personal touch to your brand.

In short, digital marketing in Fashion eCommerce can be an easy and fun way to empower your brand awareness and increase sales. While it is not a necessity to use all five practices that you read above, you will probably find that each practice will individually lead to measurable results, like increased sales, brand consideration, or community. So the more you utilize the stronger your brand’s presence will be.


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