RAVENNA the No.1 Choice!

How RAVENNA managed to grow and position itself at the top of its industry in a difficult trading period.

+19 %

on Orders

+26 %

in Sales

+38 %

in Traffic

The case

RAVENNA is one of the biggest players in the field of Hygiene Products and Home & Garden in Greece with over 42 years of experience in the industry.

Passing the era of Covid-19, the company managed to grow significantly through the digital environment but the new data brought it once again faced with a new challenge.

The real deal

In recent months, businesses and consumers have been confronted with 

unprecedented and unpleasant circumstances. The Home & Garden sector was one of the hardest hit (large increases in freight rates, materials and storage costs, reduction in consumer purchasing power).

Significant product revaluations have led to a decline in consumer interest in products in the sector (33% of people have stopped buying home products altogether according to a recent survey by Focus Bari) while at the same time competition in the online environment has greatly increased, creating higher costs and fewer opportunities for each advertiser.

With these conditions as a given, our team, having identified the opportunities that exist in digital channels, immediately started an optimization sprint, taking full advantage of the innovative practices in Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms, activating new tools to enhance the brand’s online presence and optimize the online visitor’s experience by utilizing innovative on-site practices.

With the above strategy, the team’s goal was to compensate for the given market challenges and maintain a high level of sales of the online store.

Our Approach

To achieve the goal the team followed the following steps.

    1. Google Ads
      • Simplification of Google Search campaigns
      • Create new Dynamic Ads
      • Use of Enhanced Conversions
      • Creating Video Action campaigns
      • Use of new custom Scripts in order to better track and optimize campaigns
    2. Facebook Ads
      • Use of new communities and templates in the Dynamic Ads of the account
      • A restructure of static campaigns was made, in which products / categories / actions are now promoted with a different ad set for each different communication.


Ravenna 1 Ravenna 2 Ravenna 3 Ravenna 4


  1. Upper Funnel Communications
    • To continuously reach new users and create greater awareness around the RAVENNA brand, the team used the Pinterest channel, a predominant medium for ideas for the House with a significant audience that is the main audience of the company.
    • Furthermore, during the last few months the team created Youtube campaigns in the context of branding activities with Brand Lift & Search Lift Study application to measure the effectiveness of communications in brand awareness and searches.

The Outcomes

Despite the difficulties both in terms of digital and the wider economic environment, RAVENNA managed to achieve excellent results.


  1. Increased traffic to the eshop by 38% compared to the previous period, especially on paid channels.
  2. It saw a significant increase in sales of 26%.

Online orders showed a significant increase of +19% compared to the previous period.



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