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Adobe Photoshop & ΑΙ

The buzz of the week? It’s all about Generative Fill, the latest AI feature in Photoshop powered by Adobe Firefly. Available in the beta version of the Photoshop application, it allows you to expand the photo or add objects by generating them with AI.

Generative Fill supports Content Credentials, a kind of tag that adds attribution data to images before they are shared online, thereby informing the audience that the content has been produced using AI. You can check an image’s Content Credentials here.

Adobe is striving to uphold its position as the premier choice for AI-generated art, prioritizing compliance and safety from a legislative perspective. This effort reflects their commitment to leading the industry not only in innovation but also in legal and ethical standards.

Food for Thought

Yuval Noah Harari, a figure known for his provocative insights, contributed to the Frontiers Forum with a speech centered on AI’s impact on humanity’s future. He delved into the influence of AI on our civilization, its potential threats, and the challenges surrounding its adoption.

Harari’s main point is that regardless of the pace of technological progress, it is vital that we become aware of the new reality in which we live and act accordingly.

Definitely worth checking out his talk.



AI Insider 📰

  1. Nvidia is joining the $1 trillion club thanks to the huge demand for its computer chips.
  2. TikTok is testing its own AI chatbot, Tako, which will help you find content in the app. It’s currently available in the Philippines and there doesn’t seem to be any plan to roll out elsewhere yet. Nonetheless, observing its impact on content discovery promises to be intriguing.
  3. News from  Microsoft:
    • Expect Copilot in Windows 11 in June! What makes Copilot stand out is that it is a fully-fledged agent that will act as our personal assistant.
    • Microsoft 365 is set to feature plugins extensively!
    • Azure AI Studio has been launched, enabling the integration of existing AI models like GPT-4 with personal data to create tailored chatbots.
  4. News from Google:
    • Google is testing the integration of Search and Shopping ads into its innovative AI search feature.
    • The company has launched Product Studio, a tool enabling users to remove photo backgrounds, create scenes, and enhance the quality of low-resolution images.
    • Google Deepmind plans to employ its Visual Language Models (VLMs) to generate descriptions for YouTube videos.
  5. Spotify is eagerly embracing AI technology, notably after developing an AI DJ featuring the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan. The company is now exploring the possibility of producing advertisements using podcasters’ voices, eliminating the need for them to read the scripts personally.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has agreed to collaborate with EU lawmakers to create the AI Pact, a set of rules until legislation is finalised.
  2. Microsoft, in partnership with the Government of India, has developed, Jugalbandi, a chatbot that aims to democratise access to information in rural India. Jugalbaandi offers information about government programs in 10 languages – dialects of Indian Lau.
  3. Swiss researchers have created an AI-powered “digital bridge” that allows paraplegics to walk when they think their legs are moving.
  4. A lawyer in New York faced a court hearing for using ChatGPT for necessary research in a client’s case. The problem arises in that the cases that ChatGPT told him were relevant and that he could rely on were not real.

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