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Issue #06

ChatGPT-Inspired Campaigns

The highlighted campaigns demonstrate strategic ways to harness the emerging trend of incorporating AI into the storytelling of digital marketing.

Pringles Greece

On Instagram, Pringles Greece is redefining digital engagement with their inventive AI-inspired campaign. Tapping into the cleverness of ChatGPT, they demonstrate the playful integration of AI into brand storytelling. Each post offers a surreal tutorial, guiding followers through the comical conundrum of retrieving that elusive final Pringle from the canister.


Hendrick’s Gin – Chat G&T

Hendrick’s Gin has playfully ventured into the AI discussion by introducing “Chat G&T,” a wry, human alternative to the AI chatbot trend. Their spokesperson, Elliot, delivers AI-style interactions with a twist during an Instagram Live session, offering humorously exaggerated and occasionally incorrect responses, all while maintaining a distinctly English charm. In a brilliant extension of the campaign, Elliot boasts his own landing page, mirroring ChatGPT’s interface, further emphasizing the brand’s commitment to celebrating the nuanced, sometimes chaotic beauty of human connection over algorithmic precision.




AI Insider 📰

  1. Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, is developing StableLM, an open source LLM (Large Language Model).
  2. Despite the rumors that are circulating, OpenAI is not involved in GPT-5 training.
  3. Meta has built a new AI tool for image segmentation. SAM (Segment Anything Model) can “segment” any object, in any image, with a single click.
  4. Google is launching a dedicated AI division to rival OpenAI, with plans to roll out an AI-enhanced search feature for testing in the upcoming month.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. For those fascinated by the anthropomorphism of AI, here’s an interesting discussion that delves into the subject.
  2. A perhaps unpopular opinion on how we are experiencing UX revolution, not AI revolution.
  3. Have you considered why, despite ChatGPT’s rising popularity over AI-generated art, there appears to be less consternation among writers regarding its utilization?
  4. The Sony World Photography Awards’ top honor was controversially bestowed upon an AI-generated image. Winner Boris Eldagsen renounced the award, revealing his entry was a provocative experiment to challenge the organization’s stance on AI artwork and to spark a discourse on the role of AI in the art community.

Cool Finds 🤯

If Harry Potter was a Wes Anderson film, made with AI.


  1. Artificial Intelligence Reveals a Stunning, High-Definition View of M87’s Big Black Hole


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