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It’s a fact, we have the first autonomous AI Agents!!!

It all started with AutoGPT, which leverages the capabilities of GPT-4 to create an AI agent that can work autonomously and without a UI. Based on this, a number of other AI tools were created – and are being created every day – that aim to explore the limits of LLMs (Large Language Models, like GPT-4), e.g., BabyAGI, produces new AI agents that can complete complex tasks always keeping in mind the original objective.

We have a demo of AgentGPT, which takes the idea of AutoGPT & BabyAGI and brings it to the web in a more user friendly interface.

You can see the Agent itself and the completion here.

It does have some drop backs:

We’ll probably be a party 💩 but we mustn’t forget that AI agents:

  • are still based on GPT-4 and thus have the same limitations on their reasoning abilities
  • they are in an experimental stage and not a final product

Learn more plus step-by-step guides on how to use them:


AI & Content production

How can you use AI tools to produce content?

  1. Brainstorming: Ask ChatGPT to give you ideas for anything and you don’t have to struggle with blank pages ever again.
  2. Variations: It can make alternatives to the content you already have ready, e.g. change the tone of voice, simplify it, add salvos or even make it optimized for specific mediums (facebook, blog etc). This way you can turn a piece of content to a  multichannel campaign.
  3. Make it a habit: The key is to make it a habit to work this way. When you use these tools daily you realize how much time they save you.

Google in an announcement issued on 08.02.23 states that it does not penalize content produced with AI tools, however it must be high quality and not violate its spam policies. You can test your AI-generated texts with this AI Content Detector.



AI Insider 📰

  1. Italy is considering lifting the ban on ChatGPT if OpenAI implements stricter rules to protect minors and users’ personal data by 30 April.
  2. Elon Musk announced he will build TruthGPT, which will have the very casual and attainable goal of a “maximum truth-seeking A.I, that tries to understand the nature of the universe”. In any case, not even a month has passed since he signed the open letter  about the six-month pause in the development of LLMs.
  3. Amazon plans to make her own generative AI model. 
  4. UNESCO  calls for the immediate implementation of the AI ethics rules that have been proposed.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Recommendations for books focused on AI
  2. An AI & Ethics timeline , spanning from 2014 to the latest update on April 4, 2023.

Cool Finds 🤯

Silena and Alex, collectively referred to as ‘Carrot Tards,’ experiment with ChatGPT, culminating in the AI composing a song about Mitsotakis and Tsipras.


  1. A Reddit user trained a chatbot with conversations between him and his ex and now they’re dating…


See you next week! 💚




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