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Ιdeogram – AI that spells

Tired of AI-generated gibberish ruining your images? Ideogram might just be the answer! This free text-to-image tool boasts a major advantage: superior text rendering for those crystal-clear captions and labels.

How It Works

Think of it like your favorite AI image generators, but with better grammar! Here’s the gist:

  • Write Your Prompt: Let your imagination run wild!
  • Set Your Dimensions: Landscape? Portrait? Ideogram’s got you covered.
  • Hit Generate: Watch your words transform into visuals.
  • Get Creative: Explore Ideogram’s tags to refine your results.
  • Remix & Refine: Love a generated image, but want a tweak? Remix it!

The Social Twist

Ideogram goes beyond image generation! Follow other users, discover their creations, and even peek at the prompts they used for inspiration. Plus, the possibility of comments adds a whole new layer of community interaction.

.ai domains = 💸

Ανγκουίλα,the idyllic Caribbean island, is more than just beaches and sunshine. It’s become an unlikely haven for AI startups thanks to its fortuitous domain ending: “.ai”.

The recent AI explosion has sent companies flocking to the island nation for their web addresses. So much so, that a whopping 10% of Anguilla’s GDP (approximately $30 million) now stems from domain name sales. It’s a fascinating twist in the ongoing AI revolution!

A Brief History of Domain Names

Back in 1985, countries began claiming their own top-level domain names (ccTLDs). The goal? A unique online identity and a way to organize websites with a regional focus. Little did anyone predict that, decades later, a small island’s “.ai” ending would become synonymous with cutting-edge artificial intelligence!


AI Insider 📰

  1. Google launched the beta version of SynthID. It’s a tool aimed at watermarking & identifying AI-generated images. In essence, SynthID adds an invisible watermark directly to the pixels of the image, making it invisible to the human eye, but detectable for identification purposes.
  2. X (Twitter) has updated its Terms & Conditions, announcing that it will use users’ posts to train its AI model.
  3. A number of important developments in the creation of humanoid robots
  4. OpenAI is again accused of violations in relation to GDPR.
  5. Walmart has its own AI app trained on its corporate data for its non-store employees.
  6. The US extends export restrictions on Nvidia and AMD AI chips to Middle Eastern countries.
  7. Amazon ‘s bestseller list for young adult romance books is filled with AI-generated books. Amazon has removed most of them from the list, but they are still available for purchase.
  8. AI-trained autonomous drone wins in race of anthros – handheld drones.

Learning Bytes 🧐

    • Let’s look at a breakdown of some legislative plans for AI from countries we have not discussed in particular:
      • Brazil: Draft AI law, emphasizing user rights, requiring transparency and risk assessments before launching AI products.
      • China: Draft generative AI legislation that emphasizes devs’ responsibility for AI outputs and content generation, with an emphasis on “Socialist Core Values.”
      • Israel: Draft policy that promotes responsible AI development, respecting human dignity and privacy, and encouraging self-regulation.
      • Italy: Temporarily banned ChatGPT due to data concerns (now available); allocated funds to support workers affected by digital transformation.
      • Japan: Adopts a soft law approach, building on existing laws while monitoring AI growth to avoid stifling innovation.
      • UAE: Focuses on encouraging the development of AI, integrating it into industry sectors and reviewing global best practices through the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Council.
    • Github repos for AI/ML Enthusiasts
    • Research papers we found interesting:

Cool Finds 🤯

Warner Music has closed the first record deal with digital character, Noonoouri, who has already released her first single “Dominoes” together with DJ Alle Farben.

Noonoouri ‘s voice was created with AI and is based on the voice of a real singer.



See you next week! 💚




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