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Issue #07

Exploring AI’s New Horizons: Runway Gen 2 and Beyond

In a previous issue, we delved into the launch of Runway’s Gen 2, unveiling a realm where AI’s potential in video creation is very promising. Beyond Runway, the landscape of AI video tools is burgeoning with possibilities.

However, since AI has not yet been fully integrated into our standard toolkit, let’s see some examples to get inspired by what we can achieve with them.

Case in point: a mesmerizing thread showcasing Runway’s text-to-video magic.  Another great example is the video of Italy’s Prime Minister meeting a robot. This video was crafted using Wonder Dynamics, an AI tool that seamlessly integrates CG characters into live scenes. Last, but certainly not least, the AI pizza ad that got viral.

HuggingFace Unveils HuggingChat

The AI chatbot arena welcomes a new contender weekly, and HuggingFace’s HuggingChat is the latest to challenge ChatGPT’s dominance. Echoing ChatGPT in design yet setting itself apart with open-source accessibility.

We often mention the significance of open-source AI tools, the following are the reasons why: 

  • Transparency: Open-source AI tools offer unparalleled transparency, enabling anyone to inspect, analyze, and understand the underlying code. This openness fosters trust and facilitates informed usage among users and developers alike.
  • Collaboration: By allowing contributions from developers worldwide, open-source projects benefit from diverse perspectives, accelerating the pace of development and enhancement. This collaborative environment enriches the AI tool’s functionality and robustness.
  • Innovation: The open-source model serves as a catalyst for innovation, providing a foundation upon which developers can build and iterate. This shared platform eliminates the need to start from scratch, propelling rapid advancements and creative solutions.
  • Accessibility: Open-source AI tools democratize access to cutting-edge technology, ensuring that anyone with the interest and skills can utilize and contribute to these resources, regardless of affiliation with commercial entities.


AI Insider 📰

  1. Following OpenAI’s adjustments, Italy lifts its ban on ChatGPT, introducing age verification, enhanced privacy policy visibility, and a new objection form for EU users’ personal data.
  2. AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton departs from Google, citing the desire for philosophical exploration and open critique as driving factors behind his decision. Here you can see an interview he gave to CBS Mornings.
  3.  Unveiling a platform designed for military strategy, Palantir emphasizes its commitment to ethical AI use in sensitive contexts, sparking debate over the implications for future warfare.
  4. A glimpse into the potential aesthetics and functionality of fully autonomous cars, inspiring curiosity and speculation about the road ahead.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Amnesty International faces backlash for employing AI-generated imagery in its Colombian police violence campaign, raising questions about the impact on human rights advocacy credibility and the fine line between information and misinformation.
  2. A deep dive into the controversy surrounding Google’s LaMDA, as claims of sentience by a Google engineer spotlight the ease with which we ascribe human attributes to AI, igniting a philosophical and ethical debate.

Cool Finds 🤯

Imagine engaging in dialogue with Marie Curie, Elon Musk, or J.R.R. Tolkien. People AI turns this fantasy into reality, allowing you to interact with history’s luminaries in a modern twist on communication.


  1. Dive into an insightful exploration of how science fiction tropes, including those famously depicted in the “Terminator” series, influence the development of military AI technologies. This article unveils the fascinating interplay between imaginative narratives and real-world AI advancements in defense strategies.
  2. This thought-provoking piece draws a compelling parallel between the ancient Jewish legend of the Golem and today’s generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Explore how this age-old story serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to ponder the ethical dimensions and potential consequences of our technological creations.


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