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Issue #19

Meta’s Llama 2

Meta just can’t help itself, can it? Another week, another cutting-edge AI announcement. This time, they’ve unveiled Llama 2, an open-source research model ready for commercial use.

True to Meta’s style, it’s open-source. And in a move that’s sure to excite developers, Llama 2 is easily accessible across platforms, including the Azure AI model catalog – a clear sign that Meta’s partnership with Microsoft is in full swing. Meta even boasts that Llama 2 is “optimized to run locally on Windows“.

The Crossover: Meta & Stability AI

Stability AI just dropped not one, but two new language models: FreeWilly1Freewilly2! Both are based on Meta’s AI models, LlaMa and LlaMa 2 respectively.

While their training datasets may be more restricted, FreeWilly1 and FreeWilly2 still demonstrate impressive performance on complex reasoning tasks. Notably, Freewilly2  has shown promising results exceeding those achieved by GPT-3 on certain benchmarks.

What’s their secret sauce? Think Microsoft’s clever “Orca” method, which helps models squeeze major performance out of less data.

So, why the Meta connection? Well, Stability AI is all about open-source AI. And who’s a bigger player in both the open-source world and the AI arena than Meta? It’s a match made in tech heaven!

Is this a sign that the open-source AI revolution is picking up steam? What does this mean for the future of AI development?



AI Insider 📰

  1. Apple is also entering the AI race. It is developing its own AI model Ajax and has developed chatbot based on it for internal use only and is looking at how it can add it to its products.
  2. OpenAI “shut down” its AI detection tool because of its low accuracy.
  3. Microsoft is testing adding Bing AI to other browsers (Chrome, Safari) beyond Microsoft Edge.
  4. AI21 Labs released the Contextual Answers API, which reduces the hallucinations of AI chatbots by making sure the chatbot only uses the information it has been given.
  5. Google is testing whether AI can write news articles and claims it does not intend to replace journalists.
  6. LumaAI ‘s AI tool was used to create scenes from Zayn’s new “Love Like This” video clip.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. China announces interim rules for AI gen, including a licensing regime.

  2. A Shopify employee violated his NDA to reveal that the company is slowly laying off staff from its global customer service department to replace them with AI (the Sidekick we were talking about last week).

  3. OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon went to the White House and agreed to improve the security and transparency of their systems, including the ability to have their models audited by 3rd party experts. However, it is clear from the announcement that these are still strictly voluntary measures, with all that that entails.

Cool Finds 🤯

Night City Made with Gen-2 by Runway.


  1. Musk discusses his new company xAI, ‘superintelligence,’ and China.


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