You’ve learned, you’ve unlearned

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You’ve learned, you’ve unlearned

AI models learn based on the data we give them. We hear all the time about the importance of the training data we give AI and how it can use it to reproduce biases that come from it.

But what happens when we discover that there is something wrong with the training data and we want AI to unlearn it? For now, nothing. Even if we delete that particular data from the training data set, it doesn’t stop affecting the rest and the generations to come. And to completely re-train a model costs quite a bit.

That’s why Google’s announcement that it will start studying  Machine Unlearning it’s kind of big deal.

Machine Unlearning will be particularly useful for big corporations developing their own AI models or fine-tuning existing ones for internal use.

Pan – Midjourney’s new feature

Barely 1 week has passed since the release of V 5.2, and Midjourney has already released a new feature. Pan allows you to expand the image in one direction.

How it works:

When you upscale an image, you’ll see 4 navigation buttons underneath. You choose which direction you want to expand the image in, press the corresponding button and you have the new image


Pro tip

If you have Remix mode enabled, then after you select a direction the prompt panel will open. There you can modify your prompt and add specific elements you want to add to your image extension.

There are however a few restrictions:

  • Panned images have no variations.
  • You can’t control how big the pan will be each time.
  • You’ll probably see repetitive results if you don’t change your prompt by adding new details.
  • Unfortunately you can’t pan horizontally and vertically on the same image.


AI Insider 📰

  1. OpenAI is being sued for content theft. More specifically, a California-based law firm is launching a class action lawsuit against OpenAI, accusing the company of violating the copyright and privacy of countless individuals when it used data it found online to train GPT.
    • OpenAI also removed the ability to use Bing on  ChatGPT, because it discovered that users were using it to bypass the paywalls of publishing sites.

    We all see the connection, right? Data was, is and will be the apple of discord when it comes to AI models and it’s still not clear legally whether online publishers should be paid for their content being used by AI companies. Here are some interesting opinions on the subject.

  2. Hell Energy developed energy drink using AI. Every element of the new flavor, ingredients, design, and even the marketing strategy was developed by AI.
  3. Elon Musk imposed new restrictions on the number of tweets that can be read per day:
    • 600 for unverified accounts,
    • 300 for new unverified accounts,
    • 6.000 for verified accounts.

    The reason? He wants to limit the AI companies that were acquiring data from the platform.

  4. Wonder Dynamics is now available to everyone. It is an AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters in a live-action scene.

  5. About 35% of the startups that Y Combinator chose to support after its last call are AI-focused.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. According to research, published in the latest issue of Science Advances, most people have a hard time telling whether a tweet is written by a human or AI.
  2. The US is considering imposing restrictions on the export of AI chips to China, as it is feared that the latter will use them for weapons production and hacking.
  3. A group of mainstream media, outlets, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, are discussing the possibility of forming a coalition to address the impact of AI on the media.
    • Along with this decision, G/O Media, the mommy company of several publishing sites, laid off over a dozen newsroom workers this week. Just days after announcing that it plans to publish AI content as well.

Cool Finds 🤯

Observers. A cosmic horror short film I made with GEN 2 & Elevenlabs.
byu/Aze_Avora inaivideo


Are people in tech inside an AI echo chamber?


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