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Let’s talk about Claude

We’ve all been itching to get our hands on Claude, Anthropic’s intriguing new AI model. Well, after two weeks of intensive testing, we’re ready to spill the beans. Short version? This AI has serious potential.

But let’s dive deeper. How do you really put an AI model through its paces? You need to throw a whole spectrum of queries its way. Here’s a breakdown of the key categories we focused on:

  1. Language Understanding → Pass
  2. Reasoning and Logic → Hardly pass
  3. General Knowledge → Pass
  4. Creativity → Pass
  5. Empathy & Sentiment Analysis → Pass
  6. Math & Computations → Pass, but needs more complex testing
  7. Learning & Adaptation → Pass
  8. Ethical & Moral Dilemmas → Pass
  9. Limit Testing → Pass

The Positives

  • It excels across the board in knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving.
    • Complex puzzles may still trip it up, a common LLM issue.
  • Claude’s got an impressive memory – its massive 100k token context window means you can feed it huge amounts of text for analysis.

The Negatives

  • Claude can be a bit of a chatterbox, even when a simple answer would do.
  • Ιts outputs, while solid, don’t exactly blow us away.

The Bottom line

Claude’s unique selling point is that huge context window. But if it wants to be a serious contender, its responses need a major upgrade. There’s also the question of whether it can maintain that large window if a lot of users jump on board.

Amazon’s AI Blitz 

Amazon’s making major moves in the AI world! Let’s break down their latest announcements:

  1. AI Agents for the Masses: Amazon wants to inject AI into its Bedrock platform. Think of AI agents ready to answer your burning data questions and tackle business tasks – a potential game-changer for efficiency.

  2. The Healthcare AI Takeover: Amazon’s not stopping there! AWSHealthScribe promises to revolutionize doctor-patient interactions with its AI-powered transcription that knows the medical lingo. Plus, AWS HealthImaging aims to streamline medical imaging, cutting storage costs by a whopping 40%.

The Big Picture: Amazon’s AI investments signal a major shift. When tech giants like this go all-in on AI agents and sector-specific tools, you know the technology’s potential is about to explode.



AI Insider 📰

  1. About 1 month after the release of SDXL 0.9, Stability AI announces SDXL 1. According to Stability AI, SDXL 1 better handles tasks that all AI image models typically struggle with, such as hands, text within the image and compositions that have spatial layout. Try it out here.
  2. OpenAI has filed a new trademark application with the USPTO for GPT-5, a “downloadable computer software for using language model”. The same description was given for GPT-4.
  3. Netflix has posted an ad for Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform with a salary that can go up to $900,000. This is while the writers and actors strike is still raging.
  4. ElevenLabs , AI company focusing on text-to-speech tools,  added:
    • a new range of voice styles, from whispering to screaming
    • more voices with accents: British, Irish, Italian, and so on.
  5. Meta plans to charge large corps, such as Amazon and Google, who resell its AI models.
  6. Google is building a real Wall-E. Specifically, it announced Robotics Transformer 2 (RT-2) a vision-language-action model trained on information and images from the internet, which can be translated into actions/actions for the robot.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Github, Hugging Face etc. sent a letter to the EU asking for more support for open-source developments in the AI Act.
  2. FraudGPT is a new cybercrime gen AI tool released in the hacking underground world.
  3. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University discovered how you can jailbreak the safety measures of AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard. In essence, you can add special characters or long suffixes to your prompt and the chatbots may produce harmful content such as hate speech and misinformation.
  4. Google ‘s 2023 Environmental Report shows that it took 21.2 trillion liters of water to cool its data centers and offices because of its focus on AI. This is a 20% increase from the previous year. Google recognizes the problem and is trying to fix it by utilizing more eco-friendly cooling methods. However, this report gives us a pretty clear picture of the environmental impact of AI.

Cool Finds 🤯

There’s an app that lets you listen to the news in the voice of Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dwight Schrute, and other celebrities.


  1. Interns and college students are using virtual reality to learn office skills without ‘repercussions’—but not everyone is sold on the metaverse


See you next week! 💚




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