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Stability AI in the courts

Getty has initiated legal action against Stability AI in both the UK and US, accusing it of copyright infringement for using millions of Getty’s images to train Stable Diffusion without authorization. This lawsuit is significant as it may establish a precedent regarding the use of copyrighted content in AI training, particularly whether such use qualifies as “fair use” without the consent of the copyright holder.

Some more tea for Stability AI

The founder and CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, has been criticized for overstating his achievements and the partnerships his company secures. An investigative story published in Forbes , reveals that Mostaque has made false claims about his academic credentials and Stability AI’s contributions to major AI initiatives, such as Stable Diffusion. Furthermore, allegations from former employees about delayed wages, alongside findings of tax evasion and improper financial transfers to Mostaque’s spouse, highlight internal issues. Despite previously raising $101 million with a valuation exceeding $1 billion, Stability AI now struggles to attract further investment.


Neuralangelo by NVIDIA

Nvidia has announced its new AI model, Neuralangelo. This model is designed to convert 2D video clips into 3D structures, thereby creating virtual replicas of real objects, such as buildings and sculptures.

It helps you to go from 2D video (even videos shot with your mobile phone is enough) to 3D virtual assets. It is a gamechanger for animators, game developers, filmmakers and artists in general, as it saves them infinite time from drawing 3D models for their projects.



AI Insider 📰

  1. Functional and beautiful QR codes were created by a Reddit user using ControlNet (Stable Diffusion model).
  2. Google invests $100M in text-to-video startup, “Runway”.
  3. Robin Li (co-founder and CEO of Baidu ) is launching a $145 million fund that will support generative AI startups.
  4. Amazon uses AI software to identify defective products before they are sent to customers.
  5. Microsoft has announced Microsoft Designer. This is a text-to-design tool for communities in Teams. It leverages DALL-E 2 and can create images, banners and posters.
    Also, Microsoft is planning to give a few $billion to CoreWeave to get GPUs. It also plans to do away with Cortana. Note: The shortage of GPUs is a major pain point for all companies involved in AI, as it puts a forced brake on the capabilities of AI models.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Google offers a free course on generative AI.
  2. ΕU urges platforms such as Google and Meta to add labels to content produced by AI. The aim is to prevent misinformation.
  3. A Federal judge in Texas prohibits submissions generated by AI unless they have been verified by humans. Expected after the case we saw last week with the lawyer in New York.
  4. Professor at Harvard uses AI to grade papers and personalize coding instruction.
  5. 20 professions that will change because of AI according to Forbes.

Cool Finds 🤯

Since we’re in election season again, here’s something fun to watch.

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