The Arrival of Midjourney V5.1

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Issue #08

The Arrival of Midjourney V5.1

Not even 2 months have passed since V5 was released and we already have its first update. V5.1 is more  “opinionated”, which makes it easier to use for short prompts. In practice, this means that it applies its own aesthetic “look” to the result. For those who prefer the model to be “unopinionated”, there is also the 5.1 RAW model for more literal prompts.


Prompt: Wildlife photography of a bunny in the wood

Midjourney v5                                                                    Midjourney v5.1                                                                 Midjourney v5.1 RAW


Overall the added features offer:

1. Enhanced coherence
2. Improved accuracy in response to text prompts
3. Reduced unwanted borders and text artifacts
4. Sharper image quality


AI Insider 📰

  1. Last week, Hermes, Greece’s first AI news anchor made his debut on ERT, presenting insights about himself and ERTNEWS.
  2. “We have no moat. And neither does OpenAI.” This sentence opens a confidential document leaked by Google, where an employee mentions that amidst the competitive battle between Google and OpenAI for supremacy, open-source applications are rapidly making significant advancements.
  3. Ashton Kutcher (indeed, the actor) has successfully raised a $243 million investment fund in a mere 5 weeks, targeting AI startups for investment.

Learning Bytes 🧐

  1. Hollywood screenwriters are striking, and one pivotal concern is their apprehension about AI’s role in scriptwriting, particularly the fear that their creations might be repurposed as training data for AI models.
  2. The social implications of AI are profound, raising the question: who bears the cost? This issue is dubbed ‘ethical debt,’ a dilemma facing technology companies today.
  3. The German publication Der Spiegel conducted an “interview” with Michael Schumacher using AI, sparking ethics debates in journalism for not initially clarifying that the responses were AI-generated, not directly from the F1 legend.

Cool Finds 🤯

AI is now producing chart-topping music hits, showcasing its expanding influence in the creative domain.

Fun fact: The artist Grimes has offered to share royalties equally with anyone who successfully composes an AI-generated song using her voice, inviting creators to collaborate through her website.



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