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GPT-4 is finally here!

This past week was brimming with developments in the industry. GPT-4 has officially been released and it’s multimodal in terms of the input it accepts! You can get a taste of what it can do in the developer demo published by OpenAI. Despite the high anticipation and impressive results, there are thoughts and concerns in the scientific community regarding the closed-source model. For now, GPT-4 is available only to those with a ChatGPT plus subscription.


Midjourney & hands

Midjourney’s V5 is here and it appears it can now design hands. Here you can find an excellent comparison of all the Midjourney versions.
Note: V5 requires a different approach to prompting, favoring natural flow of speech with complete sentences over listing elements in a list format.


Text-to-Video is actually happening

And the announcements don’t stop there, as Runway announced its Gen-2 model, which, among many capabilities, allows the creation of text-to-video.



The battle goes on: Google vs Microsoft

In their ongoing rivalry, Google and Microsoft announced they will introduce AI features into their office products (docs, ppt, etc.). Microsoft is drawing particular attention with its decision to disband its AI ethics & society team. The company will maintain its corporate Office of Responsible AI, which deals with high-level principles, frameworks & processes, but not with ethics issues.


Social Sciences & AI

On a slightly different note, allow us to introduce you to Lev Manovich. A prolific author with over 37K citations, Lev is considered one of the most influential people in academia in the fields of digital culture, media theory, and art & AI. Besides the fact that almost all his publications are open access, which we love, his Facebook profile is the best way to get a taste of what the social sciences say about AI. We recommend starting with this post.


Our favorite IG profile at the moment is


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