ALTERLIFE – Fitness Excellence in a Digital World!

How ALTERLIFE flourished through the difficulties of the Post-Covid era and managed to be the No.1 fitness chain in Greece for yet another year!


Clubs all over Greece

+98 %

in Brand channels YoY

+165 %

in traffic YoY

5.5 M

Unique Reach in SoMe

The case

ALTERLIFE is the largest and most recognizable chain of gym clubs in Greece. Awarded as Company of the Year & Best Gym Chain at the Fitness Awards 2023 – along with 15 other awards of the event – it is the leader in the fitness industry and is constantly growing in more parts of Greece. It now has 71 clubs in Greece and Cyprus, as well as Medical Aesthetics, ALIAVITA.

ALTERLIFE’s goal is the continuous development of the company both in terms of new gym clubs and the maintenance and development of its clientele. At the same time, the company’s permanent goal is top-of-mind awareness of the brand’s vision and ideals, setting standards in the fitness industry & bringing the community closer to a fitness excellence experience.

The real deal

2021-2022, however, was an unprecedented and quite difficult year for both ALTERLIFE and the entire fitness industry, as we had to deal with:

  • the difficult transition to the next day, the post-covid era of gyms that has had a huge impact on both the prosperity of the companies and their relationships with their members
  • the return to the physical space of the gyms and the transition from the feeling of “numbness”, after a series of long-term restrictive measures, to the feeling of normality throughout a visit by our members
  • the strengthening of trust in existing members and the acquisition of new members through the information about the philosophy of ALTERLIFE
  • And the continued activity and growth of physical stores

The bar, however, at ALTERLIFE has continued to be set high with the aim of consolidating the brand in the post-covid era and maintaining & growing our membership base and physical stores.

Our Approach

i. Social media

  • Content Calendar based on success stories of our members, eating habits & exercise tips as well as concepted content, stemming from Alterlife’s positioning and the needs and interests of our various personas and seasonality.
  • Localized campaigns with commercial content, based on very specific areas around Greece, to communicate different commerciality per city
  • Traffic & Conversions campaigns based on the users’ area in order to increase leads in combination with dedicated landing pages and Awareness campaigns for the expansion of the franchise.
  • Cooperation with our ambassador, Lefteris Petrounias, informing about the new ways of operation and the new hygiene measures observed in ALTERLIFE gyms
  • Fun & informative content with challenges and “facts about ALTERLIFE”.

ii. Google Ads

Building a new advertising plan to support brand equity and the acquisition of new members with campaigns per:

  • area & clubs
  • different service

Discovery & Display Campaigns
Remarketing GDN & YouTube Campaigns with corresponding content.

Alterlife O Alterlife R Alterlife I Alterlife A

iii. TikTok

Having effectively used the above channel for advertising, we proceeded in September to create our own profile and design a specially designed calendar/content for the platform, in order to rally the gym-related community.

iv. Email & Viber

Structured communications with personalized content based on the segmentation of our content lists:

  • Information about offers
  • Supportive based on the needs of the member
  • Branded in reference to our major campaigns

v. TVC

Finally, the above branding actions were comprehensively and effectively delivered offline with corresponding spots that played at the same time as our digital campaign.

The Outcomes

Despite the difficulties that existed and mentioned above, ALTERLIFE proved once again why it is the leader in the fitness industry.


  1. ALTERLIFE clubs managed in the post-covid era to grow even more and strengthen their club base with 16 more clubs all over Greece.
  2. ALTERLIFE clubs have managed to maintain and grow their membership base in total across all the group’s gyms.
  3. Alterlife’s site showed an increase of +165% YoY in traffic and +150% YoY in unique users.
  4. Branded traffic channels (Organic & Direct) increased YoY 98%.
  5. Finally, through SoMe we managed to reach a total of over 5.5M unique users across the country.


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