BSB & LYNNE: Organic Growth Overhaul Through Strategic SEO

Stellar Growth in Non-Branded Organic Clicks
Achieved Through In-depth SEO Revamp


growth in non-branded organic clicks
since 2020 for BSB


growth in non-branded organic clicks
since 2020 for LYNNE

The case

BSB and LYNNE are premier fashion retailers in Greece, carving a niche in the market with a vast selection of women’s clothing. Both the brands have captured a large market share over the years, while they maintain dozens of retail stores across the country. Despite their significant market position, the potential to optimise their online presence and augment their sales via SEO became an opportunity to seize for greater growth and visibility.

The real deal

The initial challenge laid in the state of both companies’ websites compared to the fashion market SEO standards and the final customers’ search and queries. The need to cater to organic users’ more specific searches was not being met. Furthermore, even though the brands heavily invested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends -whilst at the same time sculpting a distinctive clothing style- the effort was not reflected on their websites in a way that could boost visibility on search engines.

Our Approach

The strategy implemented by our SEO team included a redesign of some site components, but also the creation of hundreds of new women’s clothing sub-categories, which were defined after in-depth keyword research was conducted on audience searches, needs and preferences. The research was intelligently spread out, exploring consumer needs in different circumstances and time periods, examining how these needs are put into keywords. Categories were refined into new, targeted ones, based on this thorough research process. At the same time, the new subcategories were aligned with current standards for product categorization on women’s fashion websites.

The restructuring of the website architecture for the two pages was based on data and robust results delivered after the extensive keyword research. This data involved needs identified by style, type of clothing, size. Furthermore, there are needs that arise and get seasonally popular, and others, related to specific occasions, such as Christmas clothes or party dresses. Our team of SEO experts applied careful, complementary keyword research and data analysis to curate meta-titles, descriptions and content for on-page SEO, as well as to proceed to meticulous Internal Linking.

The Outcomes

BSB achieved impressive growth in non-branded organic clicks comparing 2020 to 2023 results, representing an 6.5x increase. Similarly, LYNNE also saw a non-branded organic clicks surge in 2023 metrics. A satisfying 8x augmentation was recorded, compared to the non-branded organic click numbers of 2020. The robust SEO approach not only resulted in increased website traffic but also boosted brand awareness and solidified each brand’s position within their niche market. The effectiveness of our strategy was further validated with the recognition of an e-volution Award.
These successes underline the importance of an intimately tailored SEO approach in driving significant growth and bolstering market presence.



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