KFC Click & Collect: Make it happen

New era for KFC with the Click & Collect service that aims to digitalize the brand in order to meet the new needs and habits of customers and achieve its commercial goals.

+25 %

on orders through the site

+165 %

on orders via the app

+15 %

in Conversion Rate

+53 %

in total turnover

The case

KFC is one of the largest convenience food chains in Greece and worldwide, with 15 stores in Athens & Thessaloniki.

With the end of Covid and the shift of the world even more to delivery services and online ordering, KFC was faced with a new challenge that would significantly change the way the chain would operate up to the post-Covid era.

The real deal

Since the beginning of its activity in Greece, KFC’s basic operating model has been dine-in and takeaway services. With the advent of covid-19 and lockdowns, and the forced closure of its stores for a significant period of time, it found that it had to immediately create and develop alternative and complementary sales channels. Understanding the needs of consumers both for delivery orders and improving the in-store shopping experience, it created its own digital assets (site and app).

Kfc.gr and the KFC App started their operation with the click & collect service (order online – pick up from the store of your choice, at the time you have chosen, without waiting in line, “skip the line” service). On the delivery side, it continues its cooperation with the 3 market players, e-food, Wolt & BOX, leading them through the site and the app to the respective ordering platforms.

Thus, we had a very big challenge to face. We had to be able to leverage the digital assets of the company so that they could operate and bring turnover to the company by having only one service, that of click & collect, which consumers were not aware of. Therefore, we would have to first communicate to them what this service is and then give them reasons to use it. The solution to this was to create awareness of the service and exclusive offers for click & collect orders, as well as communicating them to the appropriate channels which would allow us to see results in terms of, usage, turnover and sales.

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Our Approach

In order to build the service, we followed a full-funnel strategy that unfolded gradually.

Introduce Click & Collect

A campaign was created to communicate the key USPs of the service, “your order is waiting – you don’t wait”, accompanied by an exclusive offer for the channel. In addition, in order to increase the awareness of the new site and its traffic, an interactive brand campaign was created that had the site, kfc.gr, as the main communication vehicle. As part of these communications, the following channels were used. The new service was strongly communicated at all touchpoints of the chain, on the menu boards of the restaurants, with flyers inside the orders, stickers with qr codes to motivate users to visit the site or download the app and place their order.

Lead generation

The goal of the new service was not only to serve the customer in the best possible way and to enter the digital sales channels, but also to build its own customer base, thus being able to move on to personalized communication with them (creating its own database). With the creation of its own digital assets and the increasing need of brands for first-party data, it took the first step back from this goal. At the same time, by creating the brand campaign “KFC Chicken Master Masterclass”, a microsite integrated into the KFC website, where people had to register in order to enjoy the benefits given to them, she strengthened the lead generation part. The communication of the above objectives was communicated online (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Google – Performance Max) and offline media (bus stops, radio stations).

Make it happen

In addition to the above, performance campaigns for the site and the app were activated on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google Ads, aiming at conversions and app installs respectively, while in addition, for the automation and optimization of the monitoring of the Google Ads account, the corresponding automated scripts were created in order to maximize the use of the budget and optimize performance.

The Outcomes

In a challenging environment given that the transition from the physical sales environment to digital requires a change in philosophy and operation , with the new operating model at KFC we managed to succeed:

  1. +25% on orders through the site
  2. +165% on orders via the app
  3. +15% increase in Conversion Rate 
  4. +53% in total turnover

Without affecting sales on the other channels.



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