Nef-Nef Homeware

Explosive Growth in the Organic Channel!

+238 %

Organic Clicks

+51 %

increase in turnover from organic results

+60 %

New Users

The case

NEF-NEF Homeware is one of the most recognizable brands in the production and trade of white linen since 1961.

NEF-NEF Homeware is one of the most recognizable Greek brands in the production and distribution of home linen products, with experience and expertise dating back to 1961. In 2023, the primary need was to develop their organic channel and maintain their leading position in the homeware industry. The main goal was to increase website traffic and sales, while strengthening brand visibility.

The real deal

The main challenge of the Project, which emerged during the first SEO audit, concerns the many structural changes that needed to be made to the site’s content, such as:

  • Creation and deletion of hundreds of pages respectively
  • Significant data entry requirements for changing and creating SEO elements & text
  • Technical SEO issues that required considerable DEV effort

Our Approach

The main strategy we followed was:

New Content Strategy:

Extensive keyword research was conducted to understand what and how people search in this industry:

  • Which products
  • In what dimensions
  • Quality (satin, cotton, etc.)

Based on this pool of searches, the site’s tree was created from scratch, with the creation of a large volume of new pages for more niche product categories, contained in super-categories.


Crawling & Hygiene Fixes:

Old, useless, or duplicate pages were deleted while canonicalization and noindexing of many pages generated by filters or searches on the site were performed. Monthly checks were conducted for 404s & redirects, and fine-tuning of pages in the sitemap was done.


Data Structure Enrichment:

Addition of necessary schemas per page type to convey information to Google in a more structured way.


Product Page Optimization:

Restructuring all SEO elements 1 by 1, and strengthening of Internal linking.


Checkout Bugs Resolvement:

Checkout steps were reviewed with the aim of identifying redundant or suboptimal practices for CRO purposes, which contributed to the growth of the Conversion Rate and the ROI of SEO.


The Outcomes

After this long-tailed Audit and after the changes had been rolled out by early 2023 at 80%, the results within 2023 were spectacular!

Specifically, we achieved:

  • An increase in visitation from Google +238% YoY for non-branded terms
  • +89% increase in CTR in Google
  • +51.15% increase in SEO Revenue
  • +51% in organic Transactions
  • +60% new users came non-branded to the organic channel
  • +37.40% more keywords in the top 100 results in Google


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