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If it is not always clear what is the SEO potential of your website, feel free to contact us, to conduct a FREE audit of your website, your niche and competition, to create  a realistic and dedicated plan for your business! 

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Remember why SEO with SLEED!

  • We have a dedicated team with years of experience and proven results in large and mid-scale projects. We base our proven track record of great results, in 3 major pillars of SEO focus: Technical – Content – Backlinking
  • Technical SEO expertise: This is our first priority, when we start working on a new project. Usually, the main obstacles for a website’s success, especially for established and popular websites, are technical issues that prevent this website from performing as it could.
  • SEO Content Strategy based on True & Tailor Made needs: Combining a very thorough Keyword Research for each project’s services and products, with a detailed Keyword GAP analysis with the core Competition, we come up with the right Strategy that a project needs to follow, to detailed proposals, as to what kind of content the client needs to create. 
  • Backlinking strategy: We know that a good backlinking profile can boost a website’s rankings. Thus, we make sure that our clients have a healthy profile. This is the no1 priority.

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