Competition Monitoring

Our seasoned team will evaluate your peers’ social media performance and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your advantage over competitors.

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What is Competition Monitoring and why is it important?

Competition Monitoring describes the two-part process of evaluating competitors’ social media accounts and then creating actionable steps to improve your engagement growth, community, and content. After using a mix of digital tools and manual work to track competitors one-by-one, Sleed distills the raw data into concise, meaningful recommendations on content, timing, and channels. Through examples of profiles and posts, Sleed guides you on how to strategize your brand awareness campaigns and increase consumer actions, such as the number of reposts. Understanding your competitors’ branding strengths and weaknesses and coordinating your company image across platforms impacts your bottom line. By giving you an in-depth competition audit and actionable recommendations, Sleed can help you build momentum to secure a competitive advantage in your industry.

Why Sleed

Our team is highly skillful with decades of social media experience.

We combine data software and manual content analysis.

We adopt our offerings based on which metrics and competitors you would like to investigate.

We ensure a successful project by providing reports and actionable recommendations periodically.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Competition Monitoring Approach

Data analysis is the primary focus.

The e-shop may monitor one to three competitors.

Recommendations may not include a multi-media approach.

Sleed’s Approach

We prioritize both data software and manual content analysis. With multiple data partners, we complete in-depth, customer engagement research. Our own team members also conduct a series of content inspections, making sure your whole brand image is cohesive and productive.

We undertake the evaluation of multiple domestic and foreign competitors across several social media platforms. By synthesizing data from multiple competitor sources, Sleed can better pinpoint your social media’s blind spots and recommend precise improvements.

We ensure a successful project with actionable recommendations to improve all of your accounts’ engagement performance and visual appeal. We can build a comprehensive recommendation with elements such as photos, videos, comments, mentions, tags, and hashtags.