Live Action Production

 We provide in house production services,moving creative ideas into production seamlessly.

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What is Live Action Video Production service and why is it important?

Through our live productions we use the power of storytelling through the medium of videography. We can help strategize and implement a new push of visuals to strengthen your digital brand. 

The Live Action Video Production service includes planning, developing, producing and delivering a concept that meets up your needs. So we offer a modern aesthetic to your video content, whether we want to promote a product or tell an engaging story about your brand and audience. Videos with great aesthetics, eye-catching shots driven by the right message and concept can make your website and social media platforms more engaging and memorable. 

Why Sleed

Our solutions range across a number of boutique and commercial video ventures.

Our Creative & Content Department has helped many clients implement successful campaigns.

Our team adjusts to the client’s needs and purpose.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Live Action Video Production Approach

The Live Action Video Production service may not conduct the shooting in-house.

Live Action Video Production service may be known for the specialization of its content.

The video service line may focus on particular elements of the production.

Sleed’s Approach

We handle the management and production of the shooting, from booking models and managing props to finding the proper locations and partners. We have in-house capabilities such as an Infinity Wall and Green Screen. Centralizing the process can keep our content and timeline focused on your specific needs.

Our solutions range across a number of videography styles and specializations, from explainer videos
to full-cast action sequences. This breadth of experience can offer creative visuals and attention-grabbing videos for your firm.

We aid in the management of the whole process. We first conduct rigorous research, assign a Creative Director to each project, and outline the concept and the storyboard of the production. We then monitor the campaign’s daily performance for your project’s success.