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Our skilled Community Management team has the know-how and the expertise to create an effective and comprehensive ChatBot that will further bridge the gap between your brand and your audience.

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What is a Messenger ChatBot?

In an era during which consumers want to communicate even more intensely with the brands that interest them, ChatBots act as helpers that will make this communication journey more interesting. With the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) we can now offer excellent service, 24/7 without waiting, having at our disposal a tool that will highlight our brand in the digital world, thus enhancing the customer support that we offer to our clients.

Why Sleed

We have the expertise that allows us to create from scratch an automated messaging service, either for your Social channels or for your website, taking into consideration the needs and the goal that we have to achieve. 


Each sector is different and requires special management. Our team is well aware of this as it has created ChatBots targeted to different areas of customer service such as health, cosmetics, e-commerce and many more. This has given us the opportunity to get closer to the target groups of various industries and to recognize what they need from such a communication.

Through our conversation with each user who chooses to contact us via the ChatBot, we have the ability to collect data and information. This process allows us to create the ideal environment for personalized advice, choices that will not be tiring and targeted solutions to the interested party while at the same time we build the persona of the average person who communicates with our business. This contributes to a more comprehensive and targeted digital marketing strategy. 


Our main motto is always “humanize your brand”. With this in mind, we work on each case separately so that through the options the users have using the ChatBot feel like talking to a person and not to a Bot. Creating an automated messaging service is the biggest challenge in order to get closer to our audience, to provide them with a solution based on their needs and to make our brand more attractive and accessible to them so as they get back to us in the future knowing that they will receive the service they deserve.


Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical ChatBot Approach

We need to keep up with the online development and integrate a ChatBot in our website.

We need to create a ChatBot that will help us reduce the daily effort required by the request management team and reduce our operating costs.

The ChatBot content will be based on specific text Q&A that will be defined before the launch of the project and will have a neutral tone and be fully automated.

Sleed’s Approach

We offer modern customers a unique service experience that will entice them to contact us, thus building relationships of trust.

This service will reduce the time of managing incoming requests to our business, but the main goal is to offer immediate and comprehensive service to the users as well as a detailed presentation of our products or services.

We ensure that the flow and the structure of the ChatBot will show the continuation of the brand, based on the tone of voice used, the colors and the images. We enrich our queries with visuals and paths that intrigue the users to continue the communication journey so as they receive the answers they desire in a pleasant, easy and user-friendly way.