Social Listening

Our qualified team will evaluate what accounts say about you on social media so that you recognize and capitalize on industry trends before your competitors.

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What is Social Listening and why is it important?

Social Listening describes the process of a company monitoring comments across several social media channels to map changing consumer sentiment and take action before competitors. You can review social comments through multiple metrics such as keywords, relevant hashtags, tags, and competitor mentions. By understanding the moods and preferences of the general public, you will gain valuable feedback on your business’ services and your accounts’ content. Overtime, you can use these insights to manage crises, recognize supportive customers, pursue social media leads, or even shift your brand direction with new marketing campaigns and product releases that appeal to a wide audience. Together with Sleed, you can use what people are publicly saying about your brand to mitigate your weak points and stay ahead of industry trends and competitors.

Why Sleed

Our dedicated team is highly skillful with decades of social media experience.

We combine data software and manual content analysis. 

We undertake the evaluation of comments across multiple social media platforms

We go beyond social media monitoring by suggesting actions to stay ahead of competitors.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Social Listening Approach

The Social Listening strategy may not be an ongoing process.

The company may use Social Listening to primarily build stronger customer relationships.

Recommendations may not identify pain points.

Sleed’s Approach

Through a database portal, you can continuously collect real-time data and receive alerts for consumer actions. This will help you stay on top of real-time insights into audience sentiment and industry trends.

Your Social Listening insights will benefit all business areas, ranging from customer relationship support to customer acquisition and product placement. Sleed prioritizes Social Listening as a Competition service so that you can use the collection of customer data to predict industry trends and stay ahead of competitors.

With high-tech software partners we extrapolate data to understand the gaps in your industry or services, so that you can better prevent and respond to negative customer feedback.