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A multi-awarded team ready to evolve your brand, monitor your Social Media presence and launch unique campaigns.

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Why is the Social Media Content & Ads service important?

This service translates your business communication objectives into solid Social Media content and tailor made Ads. Through vivid and up to date posts, your audience can engage and learn more about your brand. Targeted campaigns direct customers to more purchases, convert more leads, and promote your products. With us, you can take advantage of our one-stop Social Media service and accelerate growth.

Why Sleed

Our digital media campaigns have been awarded 35+ times.

Our Facebook partnership provides valuable data and support to better serve your needs.

Our team has years of digital media success with top high-spending performance accounts.

We consider digital media as a core service with a department of more than 50 analysts.

What makes us unique

The Typical Way

The design team might not have access to the other digital channels.

Social Media Content services may not include regular evaluations and actionable recommendations.

Social Media Content proposals may not include strategies for different platforms.

The Sleed Way

We provide tailor-made content and ads to multiple platforms and audiences. We design key visuals from scratch or adapt existing ones.

We monitor performance on a strict monthly basis. We also aid in the management of the whole process, recommending which campaign direction and budget adjustments are best for your long-term performance.

We create a plan for your overall social media presence and ad performance in addition to how the various platforms work in conjunction.