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Our team’s established expertise in traditional media can broaden your Brand’s Awareness and deepen the online & offline user engagement.

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What is Traditional Media and why is it important?

Traditional media include TV, Radio, Print, and Outdoor formats, which are forms of untargeted advertising that reach customers of multiple demographics. These widespread messages can build a unified brand image for your audience and establish goodwill. In time, the messages may provide a strong foundation of audience data to eventually guide you where, when, and how to place ads with premium returns. With Sleed, you can effectively broaden your reach and brand awareness.

Why Sleed

We aid in the management of the whole process, starting with an audit of your brand’s positioning and current strategies. 

We can offer creative materials and scenario flow charts to streamline and optimize the process.

We review and report performance regularly, continuously providing feedback and suggestions to further your growth.

Our Traditional Media clients have achieved their projects’ goals.

Is Sleed a right fit for my business?

Typical Traditional Media Approach

Traditional Media services may require buying directly from publishers.

Traditional Media may not include a brand audit.

Traditional Media campaigns may not include actionable recommendations.

Sleed’s Approach

Our relationships with media buyers allow us to create a unified media plan and help you continue growing a profitable business.

We conduct rigorous, multi-channel research of the client to understand all the core aspects of the campaign. That way, we can generate a holistic media plan across TV, Radio, Print, and Outdoor channels.

Sleed monitors performance daily. Sleed also aids in the management of the whole process, recommending which campaign and budget adjustments are best for your long-term performance.