A MISKO x SLEED SEO Success Story






“Pasta recipes – organic – be MISKO!”


increase in organic traffic
in the last 5 years


increase in the number of keywords MISKO
ranks for in Google Search

92 %

SEO contribution in Total Traffic


pasta producer in the organic channel

The case

MISKO, the #1 pasta brand, has the most recognizable pasta trademark in Greece. MISKO‘s official site has become a worthy competitor in the organic channel, specifically in pasta recipes.

The real deal

Misko.gr started as a site with branding and informational inclination, promoting the company and informing the audience about its products.

However, when the SEO project with SLEED started, the aim was to grow the brand’s organic footprint, and therefore we decided to include recipe creation with MISKO products in our strategy!


The goals of the project could be categorized into two segments:

1. To widen the gap from the competition in the Pasta Market

The primary goal was to grow the visibility and awareness of the MISKO brand and widen the gap of traffic and visibility in relation to other pasta producers.

2. Misko.gr wants to claim its own market share in the recipes segment. 

To achieve that, MISKO should gain market share from the Top Players in the Recipe Market.


The big players here are the sites of Akis Petretzikis & Argyro Barbarigou, which have established themselves in the search results and take the top 2 positions in most cases.

Our Approach

What did we do?

After a thorough analysis of user searches, we created an extensive menu tree on the site with types of recipes by:

  • Ingredient
  • Occasion
  • Dietary Preference
  • Type of Dish

and more.

Additionally, we collaborated with famous food bloggers & Chefs who created recipes for MISKO to be posted on the website, along with a related recipe video.

On the technical side, we followed best practices as in every project, checking every touchpoint of the site such as:

  • speed
  • the ability to be discovered by search engines
  • internal linking strengthening in every site template
  • duplicate pages’ elimination

A significant technical part was also the integration of structured data per page type such as FAQ, ListItem, Article, Author, Video, & Review Schema.

The Outcomes

The most significant accomplishment of the SEO project was transforming the misko.gr website. We shifted its focus from merely enhancing brand identity to becoming one of the top three most visited sites for pasta-related recipe searches. 

Some of the results are:

  • x10 increase in organic traffic in the last 5 years
  • x12 increase in the number of keywords displayed
  • 92% contribution in total traffic
  • #1 pasta producer in the organic channel#3 in visibility for pasta recipe categories


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